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Class AB amps combine the good points of class A and B amps. They have the improved efficiency of class B amps and distortion performance that is a lot closer to that of a class A amp. With such amplifiers, distortion is worst when the signal is low, and generally lowest when the signal is just reaching the point of clipping. Class AB amps like class B use pairs of transistors, both of them being biased slightly ON so that the crossover distortion associated with Class B amps is largely eliminated. Class C amps are never used for audio circuits. They are commonly used in RF circuits. Class C amplifiers operate the output transistor in a state that results in tremendous distortion it would be totally unsuitable for audio reproduction. However, the RF circuits where Class C amps are used employ filtering so that the final signal is completely acceptable. Class C amps are quite efficient.

Loudspeakers and Speaker Stuff

Prev NEXT Let’s say you’ve invested in a new set of upgraded speakers and a sleek new stereo receiver unit. You’re on your way to hearing your music in superior ways. However, your car may not be doing your custom audio system justice — and your radio’s built-in amplifier might not supply enough power to the new components. This is why you might need an external amplifier, or amp, as your audio setup becomes more and more elaborate.

Learn how to properly wire speakers to a receiver or amplifier using spring clips or binding posts with bare, pin, spade, or banana plug connectors. Understand the Easy Ways to Hook up Most Any Kind of Subwoofer. Make Wiring Stereos a Breeze by Using Speaker Wire Connectors.

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Wiring a Car Stereo to an Equalizer

If you have speakers already connected to your stereo, fully disconnect them. Active crossover units are larger than passive ones and need to be mounted in a stable location, ideally near your amplifiers. Using the appropriate cables, wire your crossover into the receiver or preamp, with the wires coming out of the receiver going into the “in” terminals on the crossover. Depending on your receiver and your stereo system, you will probably be making this connection with RCA cables, but some crossovers will are set up to use speaker wire instead as detailed in Method 1 if your receiver doesn’t have RCA outputs.

my car came with a factory amp that i would like to replace, (I will also be replacing the head unit) the good thing is that all the wires from the head unit to the amp, and then from the amp out to the speakers are all located in one spot under the back seat (where the amp is mounted).

To try to get this working, I recently purchased a secondary amp with RCA inputs to power the extra speakers. The additional speakers 5 pairs are mounted in the ceilings throughout the house. I also have a speaker selector box so that I can select which room or rooms I want to send the sound to. The output can be mono. I just want some sound to the other rooms. Any ideas short of buying a new amp with a 2nd zone output?

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Wed Mar 26, It isn’t scientific but By that I mean if your speakers are rated for watt power handling and you hooked up a 10, watt amp it isn’t going to be the amp that causes your troubles per se. It will be that once you turn things up the amp will be providing its nice and clean rated 10, watts when you crank it – but your speakers’ excursion limits will have been long since exceeded and the speaker will be in your lap.

On the other hand, too little watts is a bigger problem; you go to turn it up and the amp is clipping even though the speakers can handle more power. Then you end up blowing your speaker.

How can i hook up a car amp in my house. Distancing the. Turn the fan doesn’t matter as connecting your amplifier is plug your car body. Pyle plmrakt8 8 gauge marine amplifier is through the xlr connection is for a set of speakers surround back/bi-amp/front. How to my speaker’s. Turn the. You can connect directly to the speakers. Or front.

Car Audio Or Theater Category: Now i can turn the jensen stereo all the way up with no distortion. Boss Audio Mr50w Marine 5. The outside speakers on my camper sounded like crap, so i was looking for a cheap replacement since they don’t get that much use. I couldn’t tell that the package had ever been opened, as is the case with a lot of online store warehouse deals i get. They are mounted under the sink and behind the fridge, so this wasn’t an issue in my application.

Tv series as well. Perhaps you’ll see another purchase of mine a tv tuner doohickey and understand what i do. I don’t expect these to last long at all, but the use i have for them, they are terrific. Eventually, i’ll go to blu-ray on tv and one-touch video capture device purchased to get a movie off vhs which is the only format it is available in but for now, these are terrific. I also use them for dgd’s movies i burn two of each, that way when one is destroyed by jelly fingers, i have an extra and they hold up very well to cleaning with glass cleaner i binged the information on how and have done so since october.

I recommend them for these very purposes. Each disk offers a capacity of 4. Wimbish, New Jersey Click to Show basics 4.

Common Amp Problems (and How to Fix Them!)

Speakers Clint DeBoer Speaker Impedance Rating Explained That speaker impedance rating on your towers and bookshelf speakers is held up as a mystery—something strange and mystic, yet dangerous. The bottom line is that people are confused about speaker impedance. Speaker Impedance Defined I think the easiest way to define speaker impedance is to say that it is the resistance any speaker gives to the current and voltage being applied to it.

In a nutshell, a loudspeaker is a big resister—a really cool one. Speaker impedance changes based on the frequency of the signal fed into it.

Installing a DIY Car Amplifier An amplifier helps optimize your car’s audio system, but don’t pay someone else to install it. This is an easy DIY project.

Just what is tone? What is a good tone and how do you achieve it? Which amps you should choose for your setup and how to get the tones you want. Check out part 1 and part 2. Amps People tend to prioritize guitars and a bunch of pedals and forget the importance of a good sounding amp. Choosing the right amp for your setup is crucial for getting the tones you want from your guitar and pedals. I strongly suggest that you buy a guitar and amp before you spend all your savings on pedals.

Hook up Powered Subwoofers: Receiver Pre-Outs

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. It’s usually best to use the factory installed speaker wiring.

Proper ways to hook up Dual Voice Coil, Daisy Chain, & Multiple Speakers. Please read very carefully the amplifer specs Typically, a 2ohm capable AMP can .

Most receivers have either preamp-in and preamp-out connections or tape monitor connections. In most cases, these are the best way to connect an equalizer to your stereo. Connecting to the tape monitor channels will require connection to only your receiver. Learn how to hook up an equalizer to the receiver instead. To run a signal from your stereo receiver to the equalizer and then to your amplifier, you will need 2 sets of RCA cable the same kind that is usually used to connect source components like turntables and CD players.

The length of the RCA cables should match the length of the distance between the receiver and the equalizer. Connect one pair of cables to the pre-amp output channels on the receiver and the other end of the cable to the left and right channel inputs on the equalizer. You will usually find these channels on the rear of the equalizer. Right channel jacks will usually take the red colored RCA plug while left channel should take white or black RCA plugs.

Connect the other pair of cables from the output channels on the back of the equalizer to the left and right input channels on the amplifier.

One-Wire Alternators: Are They Better Or Just Easier To Hook up?

How Do I Hook Up my subwoofer? Hook up Powered Subwoofers: Receiver Pre-Outs Before trying to hook up your subwoofer, you need to identify the connections it has.

Jul 03,  · if i wanted to hook up my car speakers (which are stock) to an amp (its a 4 channel), would i just instead of running the car speaker wires to the head unit, just attach a longer speaker wire to the car speaker wires and hook that up to the it that simple? and i have a after market head unit so it has a preamp output for front and : Resolved.

In the end it was accomplished, but in the lame duck way of simply connecting my Samsung droid to a line in to use Pandora and stream local network music. Some failed searching showed no wired network adapter that would work with it. Wireless was an option, but WEP was the only available security and not acceptable. SimpleCenter is a very old software and had a lot of resource issues. Component selection was focused primarily on cost, but space and load on the AC-DC converter was also a consideration.

I had an amp from the my teenage car stereo, but was a little hesitant about running it on the converter. It also was a little large for the case i had in mind. I was planning on hanging the case under a shelf, so weight was also important. This proved to be a great decision, the amp is one of the best sounding amps my ears have listened to. The rest of the components were simply box-in-the-closet components.

The Dayton amp above specifically says it is not to be used on 4ohm speakers.

Can I hook up a amp and sub to my stock radio?

Some questions need to be answered and a basic design needs to be formulated. What is this amp going to power-up? What impedance load will you be using? By paying attention to this impedance matching process you will save money, time and get the performance you want. This is determined by the speaker or speakers that you have or will be purchasing. Also called impedance matching.

How to hook up 4 ohm subs, with 2 ohm amp. Originally Posted by Droppedime08 Sorry the amp is pioneer. Or can i run it by 1 ohm? Or will 4 ohms sound better than 1? I have bad news for you, your amp and subwoofer dont mesh very well. Your subwoofer is a dual 4ohm unit, which means you can either wire each 4ohm coil in parallel fr a single 2ohm load parallel halves the impedance , or you can series the two 4ohm coils to get a single 8ohm load series doubles the impedance.

You didn’t list the ohms rating for the amp at the x1 setting, but from the other specs I can tell its only stable to 4ohms mono mono means X1 because its lowest setereo rating X2 is 2ohms. Bridging an amplifier means its running at one channel rather than the two, but they work by wiring to one side of each of the 2 channels. An amp that is bridged sees half the impedance load to each channel. So wiring your amp to 2ohms mono as I described above would result in the amp seeing a 1ohm load to each channel, which the specs say it is not stable for.

You’re gonna have to wire the sub to 8ohms mono or 4ohms stereo one channel to each coil. I suggest 8ohms mono as it wont require summing the signal mono before the amplifier as wiring it in stereo would you dont want stereo seperation going to each coil on the same speaker

Xtrons DD HU… how can do i hook up the OE rear amp and speakers

If there is no sound from the speakers, follow the steps below to determine the state of the sound hardware within the Device Manager. Click Start, type device into the search field, and then select Device Manager from the list. Click on Sound, video and game controllers to expand the list of sound devices installed on the computer.

Hook Up Your Own Subs This website teaches you how to hook up car subwoofers on your own as well as tweeters, interior speakers, and car stereo. If you don’t won’t to pay a shop, then you’ve come to the right spot. Learn how to install everything in your car that will make your car stereo sound the way you want it to. However, you will need to purchase bass blockers so that your can’t blow your tweeters out.

Follow the steps below: What I usually do is unplug the the wire from the terminals and twist the wires from the tweeters to that end. Most of the time you have to purchase additional speaker wire because the wires that come with the tweeters are usually too short. This will allow you to mount the tweeters on the panel once you install them. So not that you have the tweeter speaker wires going through the side panel, you need to connect the tweeter wire to the bass blocker, and the bass blocker to the extra speaker wire.

How to connect your car amplifier. A very simple explanation, test, and easy mods

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